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Periodontal Therapy

Dental Hygiene Services are recommended according to your needs. Fees are determined according to CDHA Fee Guide

Oral Assessment/ Cancer Screening


Preventative Fluoride Treatment

Starting at $21.95

Preventative Oral Hygiene

Starting at $55.61

Customized Tooth Whitening

Starting at $70

Stain Removal

Starting at $15.85

Preventative Sealants

Starting at $24

Myofunctional Therapy

A range of exercises and movements that target the muscles that help us breathe, chew and swallow. Innovative Therapy for All Ages!

Comprehensive Evaluation

This is a 60 minute full evaluation including review of medical history, orofacial function, measurements, and patient photos. This data collection will help us make the best plan for your individualized therapy program.

Starting at $60.32

Tongue Tie/ Restricted Frenum

Therapy before and after a frenectomy is very important in the success of the procedure. Preparation exercises help ensure the tissue is fully released while post-op exercises ensure proper healing afterward. 

Starting at $60.32

Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy Program

This is our individualized comprehensive program that consists of approximately 12 sessions, depending on the needs of the patient, over 7 to 12 months designed to accomplish our four goals of therapy; proper tongue resting posture, lip seal, nasal breathing, and correct swallowing pattern.

Starting at $60.32

Mini-myo Program

Starting at $60.32