Take control of your health with a VALUE SERVICE plan today!

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CamCare is pleased to offer a VALUE SERVICE PLAN to patients not currently covered by dental insurance. We want to help you prioritize your oral health and complete continuation of preventative care.

Adult Plan

Receive 2 preventative oral HYGIENE visits
Valid for 1 year

Child Plan

Receive 2 preventative oral HYGIENE visits for children under 16 years of age
Valid for 1 year.

Child Plan

Receive 3 periodontal therapy treatments
Valid for 1 year

This applies to all VALUE SERVICE plans above..


The Dental Hygiene VALUE SERVICE PLAN is offered to individual’s and families with less accessability to dental hygiene care. Dental Hygiene Value Service Plan benefits are not transferable to another dental practice or dental specialty practice. Payment is always due at time of service.

Please review this page for the program details and contact our office with any questions.

  • Value Service Plan is for 1 year beginning on the enrollment date.
  • Cash, cheque, online payments and credit card payments are accepted.
  • You will receive an email near the anniversary date unless a written request to cancel is received 30 days prior to the renewal.
  • Payments for additional dental hygiene services are your responsibility. 
  • Value Service Plans must be current to receive the discount.
  • Fees for dental hygiene services may change at any time.
  • It is your responsibility to schedule and keep all appointments offered as part of the Dental Hygiene Value Service Plan. If the appointments are not used, the member will not be entitled to a refund
  • Please notify our office at least 48 hours in advance if you must change a scheduled appointment.
  • No deductibles, no pre-authorizations, no yearly maximums, no waiting period.
  • No exclusions for elective care.
  • You will not receive a membership card – your plans effective date will be on file with our office.
  • This plan is only covered at the office of CamCare Oral Health. It cannot be used at any other office. THIS PLAN IS NON-REFUNDABLE. No refunds or premiums will be issued at any time if participant decides not to utilize the dental hygiene value service plan.

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