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Advice for Victims of Crime

Advice for victims or witnesses in criminal matters:

In a criminal prosecution, it is a common misconception held by most complainants that they have the power to halt the criminal process against an accused person simply by requesting that the charges be dropped.

What victims of crime quickly learn is that their voices can often be overlooked and their opinions undervalued in the criminal justice system by both the police and prosecutors office.

Daniel Brown is available to assist you with navigating the complexities of the court system. Where charges have been laid but you do not wish to pursue the case in a criminal court, Daniel can advocate on your behalf to the prosecutor as well as advise you of your rights and obligations as a complainant.

Daniel Brown has the experience to know who to speak with at court to ensure your voice is heard and your wishes are understood by those with the ability to make the important decisions in your case.

In many cases, Daniel Brown receives referrals from other criminal lawyers to act on behalf of a witnesses in instances where the crown is not giving due consideration to the wishes of the complainant.

In situations where the accused person’s lawyer is trying to persuade a complainant to change their testimony in court for their clients’ benefit, Daniel Brown is also available to provide independent legal advice to a victim or witness for their own protection, not just for the benefit of the person charged.

Before you do or say anything in court, it is crucial to understand your rights as a witness. When must you attend court? Are you required to meet with the police or prosecutor before trial if requested? What does it mean to receive a subpoena? What happens if you fail to attend court when required?

Daniel Brown can answer all of the questions you might have about your rights in the criminal justice system. He can be reached at (416) 297-7200 to arrange a consultation.

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